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Space - The Next Horizon

This presentation seeks to persuade that our vision and ambition should not be restricted to this globe and we cannot afford to be restricted by yesterday's horizons. Space is already a source of innovation and economic growth as well as exploration and discovery. Space technology and data enable Governments and Business to stretch their ambition and vision to improve performance and competitiveness. Access to space is essential to sustain and exploit these benefits whilst creating new value. Countries that develop a space industry can grow GDP, tax revenues, and jobs. The space economy is forecast to grow to $1 trillion by 2030 - just 7 years from now! But there are challenges; It is a highly political, competitive, contested, and congested arena. Space debris is increasing, there is no internationally agreed Space Law or regulation suitable for today's environment. It is a bit like the gold rush in the wild west. But the rewards are seductive and mesmerizing.