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Creating cultural alignment during an M&A

Over 30% of executives, according to Deloitte, report that cultural alignment is a key factor in a successful merger or acquisition. In his session, David Liddle, author, and global authority in the areas of people, culture and leadership will share his transformational culture blueprint which is being used to create cultural alignment during an M&A. Over 60% of mergers fail due to cultural misalignment, according to PwC. To enable organizations to avoid the pitfalls and perils of cultural misalignment, David will offer a tried and tested cultural alignment framework. David has worked with organizations such as the BBC, Burberry, NEXT, Aviva, HSBC and many others. He has created 8 enablers for a successful merger and acquisition which span, culture, strategy, purpose, values, leadership, HR, behaviours, policies and people. His innovative Culture Catalysts™ programme is being used to create cultural cohesion and strategic alignment in organizations within the UK and globally.