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Sarah Eddie
Sarah Eddie
S.E. Tax Professionals Ltd

Sarah Eddie is a distinguished UK and US international tax specialist with a career in a variety of countries and industries including Big 4. Her expertise in US & UK taxation has been instrumental in aiding businesses seamlessly expand globally. Sarah's deep understanding of complex UK and US tax systems enables her to develop strategies for companies venturing into new markets. Adept at mitigating risks and maximising opportunities, ensuring compliance and fiscal efficiency, Sarah's insights on global taxation have empowered countless businesses to broaden their horizons. Her guidance is not just strategic but also operationally invaluable for businesses scaling internationally.

Session Summary
Common Tax Traps for SMEs expanding into US markets and How to Avoid Them

A must-attend session for UK businesses eyeing the American dream. Uncover the critical tax pitfalls that await SMEs expanding into the US market and how to sidestep them. From the underestimated complexities of State and local tax laws to the mismanagement of transfer pricing and the hidden dangers of permanent establishment, this talk unpacks the importance of getting it right. Aimed at business leaders and financial professionals, Sarah shares her guidance, highlighting the most common tax mistakes UK SMEs make when expanding into the USA and how to avoid them. With actionable guidance from S.E. Tax Professionals Ltd, ensure your US expansion starts on solid ground, free from the tax traps that ensnare many. Equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate these challenges confidently and set your sights on success in the US market. Join us to transform forewarned into forearmed for your business's leap across the pond!