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Martin Warner
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Martin Warner
Founder & Curator
Entrepreneur Seminar

Martin Warner, a global force of innovation, is reshaping and advancing business landscapes in America, the UK, and beyond.

Renowned as a visionary entrepreneur, film producer, thought leader, and inventor, Martin's exceptional insight led to a remarkable $50 million exit in just 17 months. Spearheading Britain's electric air taxi movement, he isn't merely following trends but shaping the future.  He is also a National Bestselling Author, with his book ‘The Startup Story: An Entrepreneur’s Journey from Idea to Exit’ which became an instant bestseller and debuted on the USA Today Bestseller Booklist.

Martin's brilliance transcends corporate boardrooms. With a portfolio boasting 120+ patents, he co-invented the full-colour 3D desktop printer and introduced the world's first corporate news ticker. His innovations are not just revolutionary; they redefine entire industries.

Beneath his success lies a profound commitment to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs. As the driving force behind the Entrepreneur Seminar, he has empowered over 300,000 individuals worldwide, transforming them from aspiring entrepreneurs into industry leaders.

Martin divides his time between the vibrant energy of New York City and the heart of the business world in London.

Session Summary
From Ideas to Exit: Live Q&A with Martin Warner

Join us for an inspiring conversation with Martin Warner, widely known as "the UK's Elon Musk," and best-selling author of "The Startup Story: An Entrepreneur's Journey from Idea to Exit." You will gain invaluable insights and actionable strategies that typically lead to stratospheric heights, as we delve into Martin's remarkable journey of 20+ years -- from disrupting the 3D printing industry with botObjects, to pioneering urban air mobility with Autonomous Flight, and mentoring over 300,000 entrepreneurs. With his track record of success as a proven innovator, you will discover unique approaches to navigating business, fostering tech, building teams, securing funding, product development, and go-to-market execution. Get ready to tap into Martin's expertise and experiences as one of Britain's celebrated serial entrepreneurs, a renowned inventor who holds 120 patents, a seasoned angel investor, and a long-time educator, who is considered a leading voice on everything entrepreneurship. It's more than an interview -- it's an opportunity to explore success patterns, challenge paradigms, and be inspired.

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