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Dave Birss
Author, Speaker & Trainer

Dave's obsession with creativity and innovation as a kid, led him to making a living as an advertising creative director, musician, poet, illustrator, broadcaster and filmmaker.

For him, there is no separation between art and science or creativity and technology. Instead, he believes that their amalgamation is the route to personal and business success.

Amalgamating everything he has learnt over his past 30 year career, Dave has become an award winning author, public speaker, trainer of creative minds and the no.1 LinkedIn lecturer in Generative AI. All whilst helping some of the world's biggest brands improve their ideas and how they present them.

Dave is at the forefront of Generative AI creating a sensible balanced approach to advancing technology. "Because we need to walk into the future with our eyes open."  Dave strips away the BS of AI to explain how it can really add value to an organisation. Because adopting AI is something you want to get right the first time.

His award-winning books, "How To Get To Great Ideas", "A User Guide To The Creative Mind", "Friction" and "Iconic Advantage" give an insight into how great ideas can transform businesses. His next book will explore the best ways for businesses to adopt AI. By putting effectiveness over efficiency it allows employees to achieve more and opens more opportunities for businesses than ever before.